Times change, budgets tighten, and it seems like the next crisis is just around the corner. Whether one is dealing with health issues, relationship conflicts, money challenges or career uncertainty, looking ahead to a festivity can often shift our mood from heavy to healthy.

As the official blog for PapersYouLove.com, Parties You Love sets your emotional compass to due North. We give you upbeat, creative ideas for party planning, whether it be an intimate dinner for two, a smashing nuptial soiree or an “off-the-radar” emerging party theme.

This is a pursuit of passion. Those close to me know that I will pull out beautiful vintage linens for a simple family pancake breakfast. They were there when I insisted that the neighborhood dress up as their favorite entertainer to celebrate my 40th birthday. Since 1994, our Texas-based stationery and invitation store, Papers by Design, has enjoyed harvesting the best entertaining ideas from a fertile ground of social agendas. We’ve designed holiday cards for a New York Times best-selling author, crafted wedding invitations for nuptials to include over 1000 guests, and listened to our customers share their innovative party ideas. Our customers love hosting parties, going to parties and talking about parties. They include moms, wedding planners, professional athletes, social mavens, beauty queens, three star generals, and the ever-present precocious 5 year old. They are our inspiration.

We are pleased to archive our many experiences with our readers, and look forward to hearing about your own party tips and experiences.

Socially Yours,

Debbie Johns
Founder and Managing Director
Papers by Design, LLC
Parties You Love

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Socially Yours,

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